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4 Tips For Driving In Winter Weather

4 Tips For Driving In Winter Weather

Ask anyone in the tri-state area what we’re expecting snow-wise, and you’ll get a shrug or a “who knows?”

In some winters we see a few inches of snow. Other years? That snow shovel doesn’t leave your front porch in April!

Regardless of what Mother Nature does, it’s best to be prepared for inclement weather — whether it’s your first winter in Ohio or your 40th.

Here are some inclement weather tips to keep in your back pocket this chilly season.

  1. Windshield De-icing Fluid

We’ve all been there. It’s 8 AM and you’re ready to start your morning commute… only to find a nice layer of ice on your windshield.

Instead of scraping away just enough ice to see the road (we don’t need to tell you how unsafe that is!), consider de-icing windshield fluid, like Rain‑X® De-Icer.

It not only will save you time in the morning, but you’ll save yourself from freezing in your driveway!

  1. Weather-proofing your car

Have you heard you should warm your car before driving in cold weather? That might be the case for older models, but it’s unnecessary for newer cars — the engine is already fully lubricated!

But there are things you can do to protect your car during snowy or icy weather.

Protect the look (and longevity) of your car by getting regular car washes to wash away any corrosive road salt. It might seem counterintuitive since more salt will collect, but it will make it less likely for rust to develop and cause damage.

Protip: tap the hood of your car before starting the engine. Neighborhood cats sometimes climb inside the engine for warmth during particularly chilly nights! You could save a life by adding this step to your routine!

  1. Make an emergency car kit

We’re not likely to see blizzard weather in the tri-state area, but stranger things have happened in Ohio!

Add a cold-weather gear kit to your backseat or trunk — complete with a flashlight, warm clothing, ice scrapers, blankets, and whatever else gives you a sense of safety.

While we might not see severe winter weather, you may still get stuck in a snowbank or in a minor accident… and those tools might be handy to have!

  1. Check your car over

Before you get on the road, give your car a once over and ask yourself these questions?

  1. Do the tires have enough tread and air?
  2. Is the exhaust pipe clear of snow or ice?
  3. Do all windows have good visibility?
  4. Is the roof free and clear of compact snow?
  5. Do I have enough gas in the tank?

These might seem like common winter driving suggestions, but many of us feel a little too confident in our driving skills. Take the extra time before you get on the road to ensure your safety and the safety of others.

This winter, SFM Insurance wants to make sure you and your family stay safe on the roads. We can help you find the best auto insurance coverage built specifically for your needs. Best of all? Your agent will be the same person who handles your calls every time, and who cares about your concerns. Visit our website or call 937-382-2546 for more information. For more tips and our latest updates, visit us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn!