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When a storm hits or disaster strikes, you’re not thinking about how much your insurance policy cost or how easy it was to buy. You’re thinking about how to repair the damage and what you'll do next. When you think about your insurance at all, you just want it to work and cover the damage. You need it to be there for you and do what you were promised it would. Everything else becomes secondary.

While other companies sound great when you buy a policy but vanish once you need them, SFM Insurance is here to help whenever you need us, in good times and bad. Got a question about an existing policy? We can help. Curious about another type of coverage? We can help. Need to save money? We can help you do it without causing yourself more problems in the future. Facing damage and devastation of your home or business? We’re here to help.

At SFM Insurance, we’re not here to quickly sell you a cheap policy that lets you down in your worst moment. We’re here to offer you the best protection that works when you need it most at a price you can afford. And we’ll help you understand exactly what your policy includes and how it works. From home to business, from family to employees, we help you cover what matters most in your life today and tomorrow. You’re never alone, because we’ll be there to help you every step of the way from finding the right policy to filing a claim to rebuilding.










The folks at SFM made it easy for us to understand our options and made recommendations on what our most sensible options would be. They even take the time to meet me at our office to review our coverage and ensure our plan grows along with our company.


- Matt Tramonte


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Ready to find insurance coverage that works for you, when you need it most? Want to work with insurance professionals who will help you understand your policy and be there for you from choosing a policy to filing a claim? You don’t have to figure out insurance on your own, and you don’t have to feel like you’re alone during the worst moments of your life. SFM Insurance is here to make your insurance experience one that works for you. Complete the form to request a free quote, talk to a real person, and get answers to your questions.