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Even the smallest apartment you’ve ever rented had something in it you cared about. Maybe it was the bicycle you used to get around campus and to work in Wilmington. Maybe it was a baseball card collection you’ve had since you were a kid, including your favorite of David Justice (the Cleveland Indians years, of course). When you move up to a bigger apartment or find a nice rental home in the suburbs, you have more room, so you have more stuff. It all needs to be protected which is where an Ohio Renters Insurance policy becomes important.

Don’t be fooled into thinking your landlord or the apartment’s management company is going to take care of you after a storm or fire. While they should have insurance for your apartment or house, it only covers the building itself. Your personal belongings are your responsibility. That’s why you need renter’s insurance.

If you think that you can’t afford insurance, think again. In Ohio, Renters Insurance is relatively inexpensive compared to any other home insurance plan. An average policy may cost you about $250 per year.

Not convinced you need an Ohio Renters Insurance policy? Add up what it would cost you to replace your smartphone, your tablet, your laptop/computer, and your TV. Now add in your clothes and furniture. Do you have that much money sitting in your bank account to spend on new everything? Probably not. Most of us don’t.

That’s why an Ohio Renters Insurance policy is so important. A leak in the roof might be an easy, inexpensive fix for your landlord. But the water damage to your phone, computer, and furniture could be financially devastating for you. Don’t take that kind of chance, especially when the cost for renters insurance is so low compared to other insurance policies.

Take care of yourself and your belongings and let your landlord deal with rebuilding and repairing the property. SFM Insurance can help you find renters insurance and let you know if you can bundle your coverage with other insurance, like auto, for an added discount or savings. Contact us today!

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Additional Coverage to Consider

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a black umbrella to represent an Ohio umbrella insurance policy

Umbrella Insurance

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Life Insurance

Life Insurance can be purchased in two ways -- as an individual or as part of a group policy, usually through an employer. However it’s offered, it’s an important step in securing your family's future.