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You’ve purchased home insurance, condo insurance, or renters insurance because you understand it’s necessary to protect yourself, your family, your home, and your belongings. You have as much auto insurance as you can afford because you know anything can happen out on the road, especially SR 134 or US 68 in Wilmington or anywhere in Ohio.

In Ohio, Umbrella Insurance adds a layer of liability coverage for the big accidents you never see coming but still have the power to ruin you financially. It’s insurance for those once-in-a-lifetime accidents or lawsuits that can max out a standard policy’s liability limits. An umbrella policy often feels unnecessary because it’s hard to imagine the worst could happen, but it’s the smartest policy to purchase.

How Does an Ohio Umbrella Insurance Policy Work?

Let’s say you cause a big auto accident. It might involve multiple vehicles or major injuries for a driver and their passengers. Your auto insurance liability will pay for the damage and injuries of the other driver(s) and passengers up to your policy limits. You might have $100,000 or even $300,000 in liability coverage. But the total cost is closer to $500,000.

Without an Ohio Umbrella Insurance policy, you’ll have to pay the difference out of pocket. With an umbrella policy, whatever is left over, above and beyond your standard policy’s limit, will be covered -- up to your umbrella policy limit. Don’t let this worry you too much because umbrella policy limits can be very generous.

How Much Does an Ohio Umbrella Insurance Policy Cost?

Because umbrella policies are only meant to kick in after your home or auto insurance liability coverage has maxed out, the premiums are reasonable. It’s not impossible to purchase $1 million of coverage for a relatively small amount of money.

What you’re really buying with an Ohio Umbrella Insurance policy is peace of mind. You’re giving yourself and your family an added financial protection against the worst. You may never need it, but you’ll also never worry if your liability coverage can protect you, either. Contact us for a free estimate and give yourself one less thing to worry about.

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