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From offices to retail stores, restaurants to repair shops, the vast majority of Ohio businesses own property that’s critical to the success of your company. Signs, computers, cash registers, tools, plates, ovens, the list goes on and on. This is one of the many reasons why an Ohio Commercial Property insurance policy is so important.

When a winter storm blows through a restaurant or a fire takes out half your store, property insurance helps you get back to business faster. It’s not enough to make sure the walls and roof are sound. You need inventory to sell, equipment to use, and the tools that make your Ohio business successful.

Not all Ohio Commercial Property insurance policies are created equal. You need a policy limit that reflects the value of your property today and insurance that covers you after both minor damage and total devastation.

Here at SFM Insurance, we can help you find an Ohio Commercial Property insurance policy with the coverage you need:

Building Coverage: There is no business without the storefront or the shop. When the worst happens, you need a policy that will help you rebuild or repair and get you up and running again. Your coverage may include non-attached buildings, such as sheds, on your business property.

Business Property: Every business uses different equipment, but it all needs to be fully covered. Signs, tools, and equipment are just the start. There’s also your inventory, products, display units and more. If it's destroyed, you need a policy that helps you replace it so you can open back up and get to business.

Business Income: Everyone involved in your company depends on the income from the business: you, your family, your employees, their families, and your vendors. We are proud to offer coverage with business income protection. Even when you’re shut down and re-building, you can pay your employees and your vendors.

Equipment Breakdown: Not all your equipment problems will be caused by catastrophe. Sometimes equipment breaks down, but when it’s necessary to run your business, that’s an expensive problem. That’s where equipment breakdown coverage can help.

Crime Insurance: This includes protection for loss of money and other assets that occur because of dishonesty, theft or fraud which includes computer fraud.

Keep your business operational even in the worst of times with an Ohio Commercial Property insurance policy from SFM Insurance. Contact us today to discuss your options.

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Additional Coverage to Consider

Inland Marine

With an Inland Marine insurance policy, you don’t have to rebuild from scratch. Your commercial property is protected even when it is away from your premises, whether it is in transit or at a job site.


Commercial Auto

You can pick and choose your coverage and policy limit. To give yourself the most peace of mind and your business the best protection, your coverage should include more than basic liability insurance.


General Liability

Your business could be bankrupted by a single lawsuit, but it doesn’t have to be, and it won’t. Not when you protect your company and yourself with the right liability insurance.