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Condo living in Ohio is great. You don’t have to deal with yard work, worry about big maintenance jobs, or take on the full costs of certain amenities like owning a pool. It affords lots of Ohioans plenty of freedom and a home that suits your lifestyle with a lower cost of living. One of the most important parts of condo ownership -- and often one of the most confusing -- is Ohio condo insurance.

You already know you need insurance, but how much do you need? The answer depends, in large part, on your condo owner’s association (COA). Their master policy determines the coverage you need.

Your COA will have one of three types of insurance master policies:

  • Bare walls or wall studs in means the COA takes care of the structure of the condo building up to the walls or the studs. You must insure everything from the studs or walls inward. This includes fixtures built into your condo.
  • Single entity coverage means the COA’s policy will usually cover most, if not all, of the built-in structures in your condo.
  • All-in coverage means that all property collectively owned by the COA or part of the condo structure is included in their insurance policy.

Bare walls or wall studs in coverage is the most common for COA insurance. That means your condo insurance policy needs to include what it would take to replace everything in your condo from the drywall into your home. That's where your Ohio Condo Insurance policy comes in.

Like other types of home insurance, condo insurance offers multiple forms of coverage:

  • Liability coverage takes care of the medical expenses for someone who gets hurt in your condo and the legal fees if they want to sue. If someone is hurt in the common area, the COA liability usually covers their medical expenses and any legal action but also check to make sure.
  • Personal property coverage helps you replace your belongings, including furniture and fixtures inside the condo.
  • Temporary shelter coverage pays for you to stay in other accommodations while your condo is uninhabitable.

When you’re ready to purchase a new policy for your condo in Ohio or you have questions about your condo insurance, contact SFM Insurance. Keep your condo documents handy so we can make sure you get the coverage that works best for your needs and that covers what your COA master policy doesn’t.

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