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From your first opening in Wilmington to your tenth opening in Cincinnati, one thing remains true -- running a restaurant isn’t for the faint-hearted. Bring on the hot kitchens, demanding customers, and employees with their own needs and concerns. As a restaurant owner, every day feels like you’re in an Ironman competition, and it’s your turn to run the gauntlet. But you wouldn’t have it any other way.

You take care of the menu, the wine list, the decor, and the staffing. What’s left to make a great restaurant amazing? How about the right kind of Ohio restaurant insurance?

The risks in restaurants are all too real: fires, food poisoning, cuts, scrapes, and injured customers. Without the right insurance coverage, you’ll never survive the first claim. Not all insurance is the same, though. It’s important to make sure your policy fits your business.

At SFM Insurance, we help insure and protect restaurants just like yours in and around Ohio every single day. We tailor your policy to fit your needs from food trucks to fine dining.

What Kind of Insurance Does Your Ohio Restaurant Need?

Liability coverage: General liability is standard for every business, as is cyber liability. But you’ll also need liquor liability if you serve alcohol and advertising liability if you plan on making claims in your ads.

Property coverage: All businesses need property damage coverage, but you’ll need insurance for food spoilage, equipment breakdown, and if you valet vehicles, garagekeepers insurance.

Commercial auto insurance: If you offer delivery options or send employees to pick up supplies, you need auto insurance designed with your business in mind.

What Kind of Damage Can Your Ohio Restaurant Insurance Policy Guard Against?

  • Storms, fire, and theft
  • Food poisoning
  • Drunk customers and the damage they cause
  • Damage for vehicles in valet service or your parking lot
  • Employees involved in auto accidents while delivering food
  • Power surges that kill your kitchen or bar equipment

You can’t predict what will happen in the kitchen, during a bad storm, or with an employee. But you can protect your restaurant and yourself against whatever comes your way. Contact SFM Insurance today, and let’s discuss coverage options for your restaurant.

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Additional Coverage to Consider

Cyber Liability

You might think breaches and hacks only happen to the biggest businesses, but they’re much more common in smaller companies. How does it protect you? A lot more than you realize.


Directors & Officers

Over the years your company has grown by leaps and bounds, and today, you have a board of directors and officers helping you run your business with sights on growing beyond Ohio.


Life Insurance

Life Insurance can be purchased in two ways -- as an individual or as part of a group policy, usually through an employer. However it’s offered, it’s an important step in securing your family's future.