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Starting 2023 With The Right Insurance Coverage

Starting 2023 With The Right Insurance Coverage

When you think of New Year Resolutions, insurance coverage is probably the last thing that comes to mind.

But a new year can bring a sense of newness and eagerness for fresh starts. You have a whole 12 months laid out in front of you, ready for your big ideas and lifestyle changes.

Start the year off right by digging into last year’s coverage and see what changes you can make this year – you might even find ways to save money or get the best out of your coverage!

Health Insurance Coverage

Did 2022 end with unused health insurance benefits? Maximize your benefits this year by planning ahead.

If your plan pays for routine exams, immunizations, or mammograms, pre-schedule them throughout the year, so nothing goes unused.

If you’re planning on growing your family this year (or already have a new member on the way!), look into your insurance coverage or shop around for a more comprehensive maternity plan before you bring your bundle of joy home.

And last (but not least), if you’re a business owner, now is also a good time to review your employee health coverage from the previous year. Are there any better-priced employee plans you could pursue this year and still meet your employees’ needs?

Auto Insurance

When was the last time you dug into your auto insurance coverage? Many of us leave our insurance policies on a “set it and forget it” mentality… but you could be leaving money on the table.

Did your job become hybrid or strictly remote in 2022? You might see a decrease in your premium just by updating your monthly mileage use – especially since auto insurance rates increased by an average of 8.3% in 2022.

Take time this month to dig into your policy and shop around for a more competitive rate. Even a decrease of $20 a month would be an extra $120 in your pocket this year!

Home Insurance

Auto insurance wasn’t the only insurance rate to increase in 2022. Many homeowners are seeing costly increases in their home insurance thanks to inflation.

With the cost of building materials and lumber still on the rise, take time to reassess your policy and ensure your coverage is in line with your home’s rebuild value.

Also, take time to look for opportunities to lower your premium! Some states offer discounts if you have a smart home or security system in place.

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