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Does your business ship goods, inventory, or equipment in and around Ohio? Do you ship out of state? What would you do if there was an accident, destroying your inventory or equipment? How would you recover? With an Ohio Inland Marine insurance policy, you don’t have to rebuild from scratch. Your commercial property is protected even when it is away from your premises, whether it is in transit or at a job site.

It might be hard to imagine what could possibly go wrong during transport, but you’d be surprised. You don’t just need to worry about a fender bender on the highway. A lot more can take out an entire shipment or a year’s worth of inventory.

In Ohio, Inland Marine insurance covers damage from fire, lightning, and windstorm as well as floods, earthquakes, and landslides. That’s not all, though. It can also cover damage from theft, collision, derailment, the transporting vehicle overturning, and bridge collapses. That’s a lot more than a typical auto accident.

A wide variety of equipment and goods are covered by an Ohio Inland Marine insurance policy. Any business in any industry that regularly transports materials or inventory needs some level of coverage. What kind of equipment is covered?

  • Contracting equipment
  • Heavy equipment and tools
  • Construction equipment
  • Farming equipment
  • Communications and networking equipment
  • Computer equipment
  • Medical and scientific equipment
  • Photography equipment
  • Artwork
  • Buildings under construction

How do you know if you need an Ohio Inland Marine insurance policy? If you do any of the following, it’s time to add this important coverage to your business insurance.

  • Transport equipment across Ohio or the country to job sites
  • Manufacture goods on one site to be used in another location
  • Own a business with multiple locations that ship goods, materials, or equipment between locations
  • Set up your business at new locations on a regular basis, requiring transport of your materials (like artwork, sound, photography, or communications equipment)

You can’t control what happens out on the road, and anything that can go wrong, will. So, give yourself an added layer of security and protection with an inland marine insurance policy. Contact us today to discuss your Ohio Inland Marine insurance policy options.

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