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You live and work in Ohio because you love it, because it’s where you want to build a life and raise a family.

SFM Insurance can help you protect every part of your life whether you’re a homeowner or renter. We’ll help you look through your options, figure out the best type of coverage and policy limits for your life today, and make sure you know exactly what your insurance covers.

Your home is the center of your world. It’s where your family lives and thrives. Homeowners insurance protects you from the financial aftermath of a major disaster, theft, and even a neighbor’s slip and fall in your driveway. You can’t predict what might knock you down, but the right coverage helps you get back up again.

Renting a home or apartment? Renters insurance may be required by many landlords and property managers in Cincinnati, but not all coverage is the same. We’ll walk you through how much coverage you really need and make sure you get a policy that works for you.

Don’t live in a single-family home? Condo insurance provides the coverage you need while considering what your COA covers under their policy. You get the protection you need without paying for coverage you don’t.

Commuting to work every day in Wilmington? Taking your kids to school in Chillicothe? The right auto insurance policy covers the accident you didn’t mean to cause and the accidents that happen to you. Not only will it get you back on the road sooner, with our help, it’ll do it without adding more stress to your life.

Even when you do your best to protect yourself and your family from the worst accidents and disasters, it only takes one catastrophe to bankrupt the average Ohio household. Umbrella insurance gives you extra liability coverage without breaking the bank. Think of it as another layer of protection against the worst that might happen.

From a studio apartment you’ve rented since you started at UC to the new single family home you just bought in Wilmington, Ohio, SFM Insurance can help you choose the best insurance coverage for where you’re at in life right now. From post-college to retirement, whatever needs protecting in your life, we’re here to help you cover it. Contact us today for a free estimate or to get more information.

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Additional Coverage to Consider

Home Insurance

Your home is much more than a building filled with stuff you’ve collected over the years. It means something and it deserves to be protected with a high quality Home Insurance policy.


Auto Insurance

You see plenty of bad drivers and near misses on your commute to work or school every day. You’ve probably had a few close calls yourself. That’s where a good Ohio auto insurance policy is needed.


Life Insurance

As an individual you can choose from whole or term life insurance. Here at SFM Insurance, we’re happy to sit down with you and give you all your options including a free quote.