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Farms and agriculture keep the country running. The farming business in Ohio is a main driver of the state’s economy. And we all know we’d be nowhere without farmers. While the rest of the world thinks of green fields and overalls when they imagine farms, you know it’s a tough business that requires grit, stamina, pragmatism, and planning. That’s where Ohio farm insurance comes in.

You can’t control the weather, crop prices, or how a crop will do once it’s in the ground -- all things that affect your livelihood. But you can control how you protect your agricultural business from whatever life throws your way.

At SFM Insurance, our first policy was written for a farm in Wilmington in 1877, and we’re proud of our agricultural roots. That’s why, no matter how many other businesses we help, we’re always here for farmers. You keep the rest of the world moving and thriving, and we’d all go hungry without you. That’s something we never forget.

Now it’s our turn to help you protect your farm and business with high-quality and affordable Ohio farm insurance. Every farm is different so your insurance policy should be tailored to you.

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What Does Ohio Farm Insurance Cover?

  • Livestock Insurance
  • Country Home Insurance
  • Stable Boarding Insurance
  • Manure Hauling Insurance
  • Custom Harvesting Insurance
  • Commercial Auto Insurance
  • Umbrella Insurance

Your farm, your employees, and your family depend on you and the farm to keep everyone afloat. When the worst happens, make sure you can re-plant, buy new livestock, and keep working the land with the help of a solid farmers insurance policy. You’ve worked too hard for too long to lose everything to a bad accident, a big storm, or a big liability claim.

Let SFM Insurance help you protect your Ohio agriculture and farm business so that you can get back to doing what you love and focus on what matters. We’ll take care of the insurance, so you can take care of the land. Contact us today and let’s chat about how we can help you and your farm.

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Additional Coverage to Consider


We’ll help you look through your options, figure out the best type of coverage and policy limits for your life today, and make sure you know exactly what your insurance covers.


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Health Insurance

Thanks to subsidies from the federal government and employee health coverage, insurance doesn’t have to be out of reach. You may just need help finding the right Ohio Health Insurance plan.