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How to Quickly Prepare your Home for Winter

Coffee and fireplace

By: Brian Smith, President

Wow – here we are, near the end of October, and we seemed to have made a quick jump from summer to winter. While I have enjoyed spending time at our many local fall festivals, decorating for Halloween, and cheering on our local high school football teams, I have also been spending some time preparing our home for winter. I get it – we’re not thrilled about spending our precious weekend time doing chores or taking care of the house, but doing so could avoid costly or even dangerous issues later.

If you can’t get to everything, here are the top 3 most important things to do to prepare your home for winter:

Clean your gutters. Make sure they’re clear of fallen leaves, sticks, and even those flyaway frisbees. This gives snow a place to melt and drain, keeping heavier snow off your roof. While you’re outside, go ahead and drain and unhook your garden hoses; you don’t want water to freeze and result in cracked pipes. That could cause a real interior and exterior mess!

Prepare to run your fireplace. Many of us enjoy a nice warm fire in our family rooms during the winter – it’s the most fun with a blanket, a good movie, and some popcorn! But make sure your fireplace is ready. Have your chimney professionally cleaned, check your levels of heating fuels, and move away any decorative items or curtains from the hearth.

Prepare for snow removal. Make sure you have a sturdy shovel and sure-footed boots to shovel your driveway and sidewalks, and then top it off with some concrete or blacktop-safe ice melting material. Also, make sure your car is prepared for snow too – have a good ice scraper, a small shovel, a flashlight with new batteries, and gloves.

Hey, these things shouldn’t be so hard, and completing these winterizing tips may even help you get excited for some cozy nights in. Let’s look forward to a beautiful Ohio winter while we rest assured our homes are prepared.