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Let’s Stay Thankful on Thanksgiving

Turkey and pumpkin

By – John Luttrell, Vice President, Personal Lines & Agriculture

It’s hard to believe it’s almost Thanksgiving. Seems like we were just celebrating the 4th of July in the summer heat, and here we are – preparing to celebrate with family in frigid temperatures! If you’re like me, you’re looking forward to a day of overeating with family and friends, perhaps battling crowds during Black Friday shopping, or enjoying a day off work. While you celebrate in your own way, keep in mind some important Thanksgiving-related tips!

• Cook with safety in mind. Thanksgiving is the peak day for home cooking fires(1). Make sure your stove top is clear of dish rags or paper towels. Remember what we were taught when we first started cooking – watch the oven/stove, and turn pot handles toward the inside. If you’re frying your turkey, make sure your fryer is in an open space, away from your house, trees, leaves or other debris.

• Pick up stuff around your house. You don’t want guests tripping over kid’s toys, video-game controllers, loose throw pillows or shoes. Have a special place like a closet or bedroom where you place your guest’s coats, purses, shoes and other belongings. Keep the hallways and counter tops clear.

• Lock your car. Can you believe that more thefts happen on Black Friday than any other day(2)? Black Friday shopping bags can be quite the temptation for nefarious thieves. Keep an eye on your packages while you’re shopping and place them in the trunk at the mall, and immediately take them inside when you get home.

• Be mindful of loss prevention. Small business owners, post-Thanksgiving shopping is a time of busy and crowded stores. It may be tempting for ill-intending customers to grab a little extra on the way out the door, or slip something into another shopping bag without paying for it. Think about hiring someone to stand at the door and counter to keep an eye on inventory.

It’s easy to keep in mind some basic tips to keep your Thanksgiving fun and safe – but of course the focus should be on being thankful. From the SFM family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving.