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Labor Day – Why it Matters

American flag

Brian Smith, President & CEO

How are you celebrating Labor Day? For many of us, it’s a day off work. For those of us who own or work at local retail shops or restaurants, it’s a busy day of work. One thing is for sure – we at SFM appreciate the employees of our communities every day of the year, not just when we get to take a day off to grill out with our friends and neighbors.

But, let’s take a minute to acknowledge why Labor Day is important for all of us. Our communities were founded upon the hard work of shop keepers, farmers, bakers, butchers and yes, even insurance companies. Only a few generations ago, these industrialists often worked tireless hours, 7-days a week, to make ends meet for their families, and to form the foundations of the communities in which we live today.

We have come a long way, thanks to the founders of our communities. In the past 100 years, we have seen limits on work hours, mandatory break time for employees, and increasing paid time off. Through work-supported involvement, we each have the power to make a difference by finding ways to contribute to our work environments and communities.

So, this Labor Day, while you’re celebrating the official end of Summer and the start of football season, take a minute to enjoy a local parade or restaurant and support others that make our communities such great places to live and work.