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7 Tips to Moving During The Winter

7 Tips to Moving During The Winter

Moving can be both exciting and stressful, especially if you have to do it during the winter months. But life doesn’t always adhere to our preferred timelines. If you need to relocate during the winter, here’s how we recommend you battle the cold air and safely move to your new home:

Tip #1: Check the forecast

Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, keep an eye on what the weather is doing. It will be out of your control, but at least you can be aware of, prepare for or plan around major storms.

Tip #2: Ensure both your homes are safe

Take some time to shovel snow and ice from the driveways, sidewalks and walkways of the house you are moving out of and the house you are moving into. Place towels on the floor so you and the movers don’t slip. Ask your movers to make sure their feet are dry before carrying your belongings up or down the stairs. Lay floor mats or plastic tarps down to protect your floors and carpeting from the winter sludge and constant foot traffic, and from accidents that could lead to injury.

Tip #3: Prepare your moving vehicles

Make sure your car is serviced, has a full tank of gas and is in good shape for your journey. Grab some extra blankets, hats, gloves, flashlights and a scraper just in case you have car trouble or encounter a storm.

Tip #4: Plan for delays

If you plan for them, you won’t be rattled if they happen. Be flexible and willing to reschedule if something unexpected comes up. The days are shorter during the winter, so you will likely have a smaller window of daylight to move. Tell yourself you will go with the flow.

Tip #5: Organize while packing

As you pack boxes, put items from the same room in the same box and label it. This will save you time and frustration on the other end when you are trying to unpack and organize. Keep your important items — valuable jewelry, medications, paperwork relating to the new home and computers — with you. Sell or donate items you don’t need.

Tip #6: Protect your electronics and fragile items

Fragile items sometimes become brittle in the winter and are more likely to break. To protect your electronics, we suggest they be the last thing packed and loaded into your car and the first thing unpacked and unloaded.

Tip #7: Stay fed and hydrated

Don’t forget to eat and drink during the journey and the move itself. Moving is exhausting and it’s important to keep your energy up. Although you may not be sweating as much in the winter as you would be if you were moving in the summer, you still need to replenish your body with water.

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