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4 Tips For Keeping Dorm Rooms Safe

4 Tips For Keeping Dorm Rooms Safe

Heading off to college is full of exciting experiences and awesome opportunities. While living in a dorm is both a rite of passage and a great way to meet other people, it can also potentially be an unsafe environment for your student’s personal belongings. Have your student follow the tips below to help keep his or her college years as stress-free and safe as possible!

Never leave your door unlocked, even for a minute

You may just be popping across the hall to ask your neighbor a question, but even in that amount of time, your phone, laptop and wallet can be stolen from your room.

Even though it’s a hassle, locking your door is the best way to prevent your items from being stolen. While you’re in the room, keep your door closed and locked to prevent unwanted visitors. If you have a roommate, discuss your policy around locking your door with them to ensure you’re both on the same page.

Install inexpensive window alarms on first-floor windows

Window alarms, which produce a sound whenever a window is opened, are a great solution for dorm rooms on the first floor where there is a chance that an intruder could enter through easily. These alarms from Amazon are inexpensive and won’t cause damage to the dorm’s windows when installed using Command Strip tape.

Purchase a heavy-duty safe for your most valuable belongings

Keeping your laptop and any other valuables in a safe when not in use can give you peace of mind when you’re out of your dorm room. If you’re buying a safe, be sure to get one that is heavy enough to be nearly impossible to carry out of the room, and discreet enough to not attract the attention of visitors.

Remember, if you’re sharing a room, your roommate may have people over that you don’t know or trust, so it is vital to keep a low profile.

Consider insuring your personal belongings against theft

Even if you’ve done all the above, purchasing an insurance policy to protect your personal belongings against the unpredictable can support you in case of theft or accident.

Often, your personal belongings may be covered under your parent’s homeowner policy. But if they don’t have one, or you want to start a policy of your own, SFM Insurance is here for you. Give us a call today at 937-382-2546 to talk more about how we can help keep your dorm safe and secure. For more tips and our latest updates, visit us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn!