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Summer Insurance Check-Ups

Summer Insurance Check-Ups

Summertime brings us sunny days, family vacations, and backyard cookouts. After a year of restricted activities and time apart from friends and family, the time has come to enjoy all the joys this season has to give. However, with more activity comes more responsibility, especially if you have a pool, watercraft, or college students moving out. So, before you proceed into that summer fun, complete the following check-ups to make sure you are protected.

Pool Owners

While homeowners insurance is sometimes enough to cover your swimming pool, consider the following questions to make sure you are maximally protected:

  • Is the liability coverage on your homeowners insurance enough to cover potential accidents in your pool?
  • Does your carrier mention any restrictions on pool accidents in your policy documents?
  • Have you notified your carrier of any new additions to your pool area, including slides?

If you’re considering building a new pool, some insurance companies will not cover pools, so check that your current insurer provides this option or look for other insurance companies to support your growth.

Boat Owners

Injuries and dangers are the last things you want to think about when planning your next day on the lake or ocean. But they can happen, and being insured against them can help give you the peace of mind you need to enjoy the day.

Your liability insurance is the most important aspect of your boat insurance, and the limits on this need to be high enough to cover the types of trips you plan to embark on.

  • Do you plan to be in bodies of water with more than one watercraft, or a private lake or pond?
  • Do you have medical payments coverage to shield you in the case of any bodily injuries to your passengers?
  • How much other property could be damaged in the case of an accident, and do you have enough property insurance to cover these items?

Parents Of College-Bound Students

Many homeowners insurance policies offer protection for belongings as your child makes the exciting transition to campus or dorm living. However, it’s important to check on this, and make sure that they cover not only the property, but any potential liabilities that may occur in your student’s dorm room.

Consider the following questions to help you determine any exceptional circumstances that may arise:

  • Do I have enough liability and personal property coverage to cover any new or unique circumstances that may occur for my child?
  • Are there any special policies or riders available for new electronics and technology?
  • Does my coverage extend to off-campus living?

Warm weather months bring remarkable opportunities for fun, relaxation, and delight. To keep yourself protected in all life’s journeys, contact SFM Insurance for more information on our extensive policies. For more tips and our latest updates, visit us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn!