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3 Of The Best Times To Buy Life Insurance

3 Of The Best Times To Buy Life Insurance

Thinking about what will happen to our loved ones after we pass can feel grim, but unfortunately, death is something we will all experience. Having a life insurance plan can financially protect your loved ones in the event of your death, keeping your family safe and secure — because the last thing any of us want is our loved ones worrying about money while grieving.

If you haven’t considered a life insurance plan, you may wonder when is the best time to buy one or which type of life insurance is best for your situation. Consider these major life events and we can help find a life insurance plan that works best for you!

You are engaged or newly married

When you combine your life with another person, their emotional well-being is a top priority — but so is their financial safety. If one of you were to unexpectedly pass away, would the surviving spouse have the necessary funds to cover your funeral costs? What about the credit card bills, child care, and other joint financial responsibilities?

Life insurance can help cover credit card debts, the mortgage, and other bills that your spouse would need to take sole responsibility in the event of your death.

You are purchasing a home

Buying a home is likely the largest expense you will make in your lifetime. A home of your own brings a sense of security and accomplishment, but with the purchase of a home comes a monthly mortgage and other home-owning expenses.

In the sudden event of your passing, could your spouse handle the monthly mortgage payments alone or would he or she require financial support?

A life insurance policy can help pay off a mortgage, ensuring your loved ones will keep a roof over their heads in the event of your death.

You are expecting or planning a family

Having a baby is a wonderful gift for a family, but new research shows that raising a child from infancy to 17 years old costs the average American family $310,000!

Having children is downright expensive. Between childcare, clothing, medical needs, education, extracurriculars, and everyday expenses, it’s time to ask yourself if your spouse’s salary alone would be enough to cover everything in the event of your passing.

A life insurance plan gives you peace of mind, knowing your family will be protected after you are gone.

Find A Life Insurance Plan

At SFM Insurance, we’re here to help. We’re committed to finding our clients the best life insurance policies that fit their specific needs instead of agencies who provide cookie-cutter policies.

If you’re ready to find a life insurance policy that meets your needs, reach out for a free consultation or call us at 937-382-2546 to speak with a licensed agent who will give you more than a quote.

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