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Being a Part of our Community Means Taking the Time to Help Others

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By: Julie Butcher, Controller

Finally, with the first of warmer weather and longer days, we’re getting outside and checking off our to-do lists, cleaning up the yard from fall and winter debris, and re-engaging with our neighbors. In fact, last weekend, I met a new neighbor for the first time, and she moved into our neighborhood in November. It’s nice to be out, attending sports events, and enjoying the back patio on the weekends.

While we all have busy schedules between work, sports, and other must-do’s, it’s a good time to remember to take the time to volunteer for something that is important to us and our communities, helping those neighbors we care so much about. I have a few issues that I have made my passion; one being to help develop future leaders in our community. As an active member of the Greater Wilmington Human Resource Association and a board member of the Clinton County Leadership Institute, part of my mission is to seek and mentor talent that will one day also give back too. Recently, my colleagues and I spent the day at Wilmington College sharing the SFM mission of giving back and deepening our roots within our communities.

We have other members of the SFM family who are also very active in their communities. Judy Henry, our friendly receptionist who greets every guest with a smile, spends time volunteering for her church, sharing that same welcoming attitude to make her church a place of warmth for everyone.

Sherry Maynard, our Personal Lines Account Manager, has earned her CPSR, CPIA and CISR designations, yet also finds time to actively participate in the Chillicothe youth bowling leagues. What a good role model for young bowlers, and a great time for Sherry to bring together her passions of bowling and kids!

At SFM, being a part of our community doesn’t just mean working and living in it – it means giving back, being an active participant, and working to make them an even better place. It is engrained in our mission. While we do company-wide donations such as supporting Feeding America, we are also proud of each of our employees and customers who take the time to volunteer. What are you doing to give back?