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At SFM Insurance, We Recommit to What’s Right.

Brian Smith

By Brian Smith, President

For most of us, this time of year comes with a lot of joy – holiday parties, gift sharing, quality family time, special events and traditions. But it’s normal for us to also take moments of deep reflection as we look upon the past year, wondering what we could have done differently or better, or thinking about what changes we’re looking forward to next year.

It’s tough – many of us have a host of obligations that force us to prioritize and reprioritize on a daily basis; work, family, kids, parents – and if we’re lucky, even ourselves. So, instead of making a blanket statement that I know I can’t uphold (like go to the gym every day), I’m going to take a holistic approach to my goals for 2018.

First is family. How can I spend more quality time with my family, prepare for the future, and keep them safe? I can start by doing small things, like being present and participating in more games, dinners, activities… But I can also take some longer-term steps, like making sure our own insurance policies are reviewed and protective, especially with uncertain health-care changes, ever-increasing identity theft, and more.

Next is community. What can we do to become more involved and continue to demonstrate our commitment to our friends and neighbors? Look for more information in throughout the year on ways SFM continues to give back to our communities – via days of giving, or even participating in our many festivals and events. Many of our team mates are deeply involved in organizations that help grow and develop our communities – from our youth to our seniors. We’re looking forward to participating even more in 2018.

And of course, work. At SFM, our work is a way of life. Our focus remains finding the best insurance solutions possible for our clients – but I will encourage ways for each of us to go the extra step and ask ourselves, “What else may I do today to add value for my client?” This simple question doesn’t require an unachievable commitment, but serves as a reminder for us to provide unexpected service for our clients and neighbors. To that, we are committed.

Here’s to a happy 2018. We look forward to providing you with more insurance and community-related tips, and we stand committed to exceeding your expectations this year.