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How To Prepare For A Long Road Trip

How To Prepare For A Long Road Trip

Your bags are packed, you have the destination in mind and you’re ready to put the key in the ignition and take off on a long road trip. But before that key meets the ignition, make sure you check this list before hitting the road.

Detailed Inspection

Whether you’re driving alone, with kids or with friends, the last thing you want in the midst of a long road trip is for something to happen to your car. Make sure you check all fluids including engine, brake, windshield washer and transmission. Also check to see if all the lights on the exterior are working properly. Included with fluid and light checks, tire pressure is essential and should be checked prior to your departure.

Plan Your Stops

It’s always pretty easy to get into the car and just say “I’m going to stop when I’m tired or hungry.” Well, that could be for hours on end, but did you know that experts recommend taking at least a 15-minute break every two hours? You might grunt and groan at the thought of stopping so frequently. “I just want to get there!” That’s always the goal of a road trip, but getting there safely should be the ultimate goal. Sit down with a map and plan your stops accordingly.


It’s no secret that after the initial excitement of a road trip fades off, the boredom can set in pretty quickly. A way to combat that onset boredom is to find safe sources of entertainment that everyone in the car might like. Is there a podcast you’ve been meaning to listen to? Perhaps your favorite author released an audiobook? Maybe you’ve made a road trip playlist with all the best tunes to sing to. And if you’re traveling with your children, check out this list of fun car games for the whole family. It’s important to make sure you’re alert, and you won’t be if you’re bored or distracted by screaming kids.


Sitting for long stretches can be uncomfy – that’s why experts recommend those stops every two hours – but there are ways to make sure that your driving position is both comfortable and safe.

Adjust the seat to the specifications you think will help you stay alert and focused on the road. Travel pillows can alleviate discomfort, and if you have back issues, make sure you stretch before and after your driving session.

Rest And Digest

Like anything else, a good night’s worth of sleep and smart dining choices will maximize your efficiency behind the wheel. Try to get your eight hours in the night before and pack some healthier snack options like dried fruit, trail mix or mixed nuts.

Make Sure You’re Covered

One of the best ways to prepare for your road trip is to review your auto insurance policy and what it covers. Here at SFM Insurance, we have a talented team that can help navigate you through that portion. Contact us today for a free consultation, and we can have you on the road in no time!

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